At its heart, printing has always been about craft. About the knowledge, the skill and the right tools, combining them into the best possible outcome. Technologies come and go, print jobs scale up and down, but the ultimate goal persist – printers live to print. To perfect their craft and meet the demands of the job at hand, whether it’s a simple advertising flyer or a highly sophisticated label for the best wine. And at the end of the day, all that matters for a printer is to hear their customer say: Thank you, Well Done!

Back in the year 1995 we started as a small family-run studio for prepress and printing of promotional items. Millions of printed products later we are a well-established name on the Bulgarian and European printing markets. Take a look at our website and discover the variety of print products we offer to our customers. Some of them are simple and easy to print, other complex and unique, requiring multiple decorative technologies and finishing operations. So, inspire yourself and come test our craftsmanship. We will be happy to hear the same words from you: Thank you, Well Done!